Talking about mental health

There have been a couple of deaths at my University recently. One suicide and one drug overdose which might’ve been a suicide. While I did not know the people, the stories had me thinking a lot.

This is the first time I am speaking about this on a public platform under my real name, but having had suicide attempts before, I know what it feels like to not want to live anymore. To just completely give up because that’s a much easier path. After all, there’s no pain and suffering if you die, right? Wrong.

Once someone’s mind is set on suicide, it’s hard to change it. Right now, being in a perfectly normal state of mind, I understand that when I was going through it, my friends were giving me perfectly logical reasons not to. But was I listening to them? Hell no. For me, the world was against me. I was against me. All I cared about was not having to deal with anyone anymore. It’s important though that people realize it’s only through repetition you can deal with it. I’m so very thankful to my buddies who were there for me and are very much the reason I am alive today.

I don’t know what my point of writing this was. I guess I just wanted to say you’re not alone. Whatever reason you may have, trust me, you don’t know the future, it will get better. Just give it time.

To anyone who is going through something and would like to talk, even anonymously, I would like to let you know I would love to get to know you more and just talk to you. You can email me at and we can chat.

I love all of you.

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