On phases

I feel we all can relate to the feeling of having a different life before and after a certain incident. Something which completely changed the direction your life was going in. Be it because of something extremely nice or something extremely tragic, your life changed for the good or worse.

Personal experience, I don’t know how many people go through this as well, but I’ve noticed these phase changes are often associated with changing friend circles or making new friends and getting close to them while distancing yourself from your older friends. While this sounds sort of selfish, is it really? I don’t think anybody does this on purpose, I do strongly believe that you are the average of the 5 people you’re closest to – not necessarily in real life.

Also, each of these phases have their own pros and cons. With enough experience and thought putting, you can figure the pros and cons out and decide whether you want to switch to that phase or not. Life can be a lot simpler if you can think like that because in my opinion it unleashes your potential. If you can look up to someone and be like “I want to be like that person next,” and actually put your time in it to shift to that ‘phase,’ it’s gonna work out.

Recently having gone through a series of unfortunate events followed by me realizing I like this girl I have been talking to recently, it’s been a confusing few weeks. There’s only two ways the latter can go, each defining a different phase for me.

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